Saturday, August 14, 2010

Action Step #7 Preserving Food

Would you like to learn how to capture the harvest? Find out what it takes to dehydrate, freeze, vacuum seal or can and bottle your produce. Action Step #7 is full of information describing the process for each. Learn how to make your pantry a self-reliant pantry. You too can reap the 'fruits' of your labor, and preserve your fruits and vegetables to enjoy all year long!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Action Step #6 Alternative Cooking

Have you ever considered what you would do to prepare food storage if the power was out? When was the last time you started a fire on your own? Do you have outdoor cooking pots/pans? What fuel would you use? Action Step #6 walks us through it.

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Charcoal Use & Storage

July and August is a great time to purchase charcoal. You'll know that you've found a great price on charcoal if it is less than $.22 a pound. You get roughly 16 - 18 briquettes per lb. You can cook roughly 32 dutch oven meals for around $11 (24 briquettes for a 10 inch dutch oven). Charcoal is the "least expensive fuel per BTU that you can store." (See Wendy's full article at for more information) You'll know just how useful charcoal can really be in your fuel storage plans. This handout gives some great tips on using this inexpensive and easily stored fuel source.

Grilling Bread

Who knew you could bake bread on the grill? Too irresistible not to try! Learn the 'ins and outs' of how to do it yourself in this informative handout and find out what it means to be creatively provident.