Sunday, October 10, 2010

Action Step #9 Disaster Preparedness

Disaster Strikes! Are you prepared? What are the first steps to take when beginning any preparedness plan? Action Step #9 is an invaluable resource in getting started with self-reliance and kick-starting your Emergency plan!

Food Storage Favorites Cookbook

The first ingredient in any home storage plan is a recipe! This fabulous cookbook is sure to start you on your journey to cooking from scratch and learning the art of substitution. Try a new recipe and surprise yourself at just how easy it can be.

Action Step #8 Cooking From Scratch

Wondering what a "legume" really is? Not sure how to use chickpeas? Wishing you had a few more simple food storage recipes? Become a bean expert in just minutes by reading Action Step #8 ..."When the Cupboard is bare! Cooking from Scratch."

Square Foot Gardening

Want to garden, but don't have very much space? Maybe you are new to gardening or you don't have a lot of time. Square Foot gardening offers unique solutions to the modern gardener. Learn more here and see just how easy it can be.


Water. While there are some things you can go without, water is not one of them! Learn here how to collect, clean, purify, and store water safely. Know how much water you will need and much much more!


Always wanted to try your hand at canning? Learn the basics here and jump start your success with links to several excellent resources.

Emergency Communications

Communications in the event of an emergency can be crucial to survival. Do you know what you would use in such circumstances? Learn more here, and discover some simple ways to be more informed during a potential disaster.

Food Storage

Just getting started with food storage? Wondering why, where, and how much to store? This is a great place to start. Find out what containers are safe to use and how to rotate your food. Click here to learn more.