Sunday, October 10, 2010

Action Step #9 Disaster Preparedness

Disaster Strikes! Are you prepared? What are the first steps to take when beginning any preparedness plan? Action Step #9 is an invaluable resource in getting started with self-reliance and kick-starting your Emergency plan!

Food Storage Favorites Cookbook

The first ingredient in any home storage plan is a recipe! This fabulous cookbook is sure to start you on your journey to cooking from scratch and learning the art of substitution. Try a new recipe and surprise yourself at just how easy it can be.

Action Step #8 Cooking From Scratch

Wondering what a "legume" really is? Not sure how to use chickpeas? Wishing you had a few more simple food storage recipes? Become a bean expert in just minutes by reading Action Step #8 ..."When the Cupboard is bare! Cooking from Scratch."

Square Foot Gardening

Want to garden, but don't have very much space? Maybe you are new to gardening or you don't have a lot of time. Square Foot gardening offers unique solutions to the modern gardener. Learn more here and see just how easy it can be.


Water. While there are some things you can go without, water is not one of them! Learn here how to collect, clean, purify, and store water safely. Know how much water you will need and much much more!


Always wanted to try your hand at canning? Learn the basics here and jump start your success with links to several excellent resources.

Emergency Communications

Communications in the event of an emergency can be crucial to survival. Do you know what you would use in such circumstances? Learn more here, and discover some simple ways to be more informed during a potential disaster.

Food Storage

Just getting started with food storage? Wondering why, where, and how much to store? This is a great place to start. Find out what containers are safe to use and how to rotate your food. Click here to learn more.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Action Step #7 Preserving Food

Would you like to learn how to capture the harvest? Find out what it takes to dehydrate, freeze, vacuum seal or can and bottle your produce. Action Step #7 is full of information describing the process for each. Learn how to make your pantry a self-reliant pantry. You too can reap the 'fruits' of your labor, and preserve your fruits and vegetables to enjoy all year long!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Action Step #6 Alternative Cooking

Have you ever considered what you would do to prepare food storage if the power was out? When was the last time you started a fire on your own? Do you have outdoor cooking pots/pans? What fuel would you use? Action Step #6 walks us through it.

Click here to learn more!

Charcoal Use & Storage

July and August is a great time to purchase charcoal. You'll know that you've found a great price on charcoal if it is less than $.22 a pound. You get roughly 16 - 18 briquettes per lb. You can cook roughly 32 dutch oven meals for around $11 (24 briquettes for a 10 inch dutch oven). Charcoal is the "least expensive fuel per BTU that you can store." (See Wendy's full article at for more information) You'll know just how useful charcoal can really be in your fuel storage plans. This handout gives some great tips on using this inexpensive and easily stored fuel source.

Grilling Bread

Who knew you could bake bread on the grill? Too irresistible not to try! Learn the 'ins and outs' of how to do it yourself in this informative handout and find out what it means to be creatively provident.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Kitchen Tools

The right tools can make all the difference when you want to use Food Storage. Storing food safely, and using it efficiently can be achieved with these easy-to-use products.

Click here to learn more!

Eat Your Wheat Recipe Book

It's not your Momma's Recipe Book! These recipes are tried and true, and have been tested by our own wheat expert, Kathy Elskamp. When you begin using food storage, start here with the "Eat Your Wheat Recipe Book," and you'll be surprised at how many ways you can cook with wheat!

Emergency Grab List & Family Plan

Make a plan or plan to fail! An emergency plan is a wonderful way to think through the different scenarios you might encounter during an emergency at any time of day. Click here and take the opportunity to prepare using this quick and easy checklist.

72Hour Meal Plan

Create your own 72-hour food kit using this simple menu plan! One kit per person for three days. Be sure to put a copy of this list into each food kit (to follow in an emergency) There are two copies on this 8x11 inch page.

Emergency Contact Info

Suppose your cell phone, computer, rolodex, or other digital address and phone books were unaccessible in an emergency. Do you have the most essential contact information in a safe and easily found place?

Click here for a template to get you started!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Advice from Chile

Read the first-hand account and subsequent advice from Chile Earthquake Survivors. Simple preparedness principles put into practice can save lives.

Click here to learn more!

How to Build 5 Gallon Bucket Gardens

Want to make your own "5 Gallon Self-Watering Garden"? Here are the step-by-step instructions for all of you do-it-your-self provident people. An earth box for the fraction of the cost.

Look here for 'Do-It-Yourself' Instructions!

5 Gallon Bucket Self-Watering Containers

Thought about doing a garden container this year? See how easy it can be with this self-watering bucket container. Growing containers can really simplify the process.

Read here to find out why!

Gardening Class Notes

Want to troubleshoot your garden? Need to transplant your seedlings outdoors? Check out these great gardening tips from our local expert and friend, Diane McFarren.

Click here to learn more!

Document Organizer

In case of a disaster, many people fail to realize that it will be necessary to produce vital documents that identify YOU, as well as ownership of property. 'Get your house in order' by compiling your important documents now!

Click here to learn more!

Extreme Couponing

Want to know the scoop on stretching a buck? 'Couponing' is the latest craze! Find out how quickly the 'cents' can add up to 'significant dollars' with all of these money saving tips! Thank you Tasha Allen for sharing your expertise with us!

Click here to learn more!

Action Step #5 Wheat & Other Grains

The 'staff of life' is truly amazing! Learn more in Action Step #5. Become a quick expert on wheat and other grains, what kinds to store, how to prepare, recipes, testimonials and much, much more. There are oodles of ways to use your wheat!

Click here to learn more!

Action Step #4 Emergency Preparedness

According to FEMA, "You should be prepared to take care of yourself and members of your family for the first 72 hours following a disaster." What would you need? Find out here. Action Step #4 outlines the first steps to becoming prepared!

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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Action Step #3 Growing Food

Have you ever wanted to grow your own garden and didn't know where to begin? Gardening is a wonderful way to adopt a more self-sustaining lifestyle. Action Step #3 takes us through the process of planning and preparing a garden from A-Z!

Click here to learn more.

Action Step #2 Financial Preparedness

A penny saved is a penny earned. Financial peace of mind is not determined by how much we make, but is dependent upon how much we spend. Action Step #2 provides valuable tools and instruction on how to make financial preparedness a reality.

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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Action Step #1 Getting Organized

Not sure how to begin Food Storage? Then you are in the right place! Action Step#1 takes us through the process as we learn the basics of inventory, creative spaces, tracking, and rotation. Organization is sure to save you TIME and MONEY.

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