The Provident Living Group recognizes the value of provident living, which simply means "to make timely preparation for the future." Provident living encompasses the ability to act wisely with the knowledge and resources that we possess. Living prepared brings harmony, stability, better opportunities, and prosperity. We believe that life can be full and rich and abundant, if we learn to live providently. It is our desire to teach and share what we have learned through seeking a more provident way of living.

We are truly passionate about living prepared!

We are dedicated to teaching people to build, use, and re-rebuild a smart and healthy food storage. We strive to learn and implement every aspect of provident living in our own lives, and now enjoy teaching others to do the same, preparing their lives and homes to meet life's incidentals without fear. This is provident living.

Provident Living & Self-Reliance believes spirituality gives us the necessary balance and individual resilience, peace and security that is needed to face difficult times and to generate and preserve the good times. At Provident Living & Self-Reliance, the authors are all active members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. This site and its contents are not endorsed or produced by the church, and the opinions expressed are those of the Editor and  authors.  We respect all religions, and we do encourage people to prepare spiritually, be it in whatever denomination they choose to follow.  All faiths are welcome.

Similarly, we believe strongly in the Constitution of the United States of America, and in the importance of a government that supports the principles of freedom and independence, as outlined by the Founding Fathers. We believe the community, beginning with the family, and including neighbors, friends, civic and religious leaders, are the source of our greatest strength in peaceful times and in times of need. We emphasize that prepared individuals are the strength of their community and nation.

Now we invite you to benefit from our research and growing Provident Living & Self-Reliance community. As we prepare ourselves and invite others to do so as well, we find peace in a time of uncertainty. Pooling our expertise and working together, we can all enjoy the fruits of being prepared.

"If ye are prepared, ye shall not fear."

The Provident Living Committee